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Living Together in the Era of Covid-19

COVID-19 has had unprecedented ramifications for the conduct of residential higher education not only at The Ohio State University but also across the United States.  Given the highly communicable virus, fraternities and sororities have been required to rethink their entire living models, and FarmHouse has been no exception.

In response, like other FarmHouse chapters across the country, FarmHouse ATZ has adopted comprehensive measures for our brothers to live together safely in the era of COVID-19 for the 2020-21 school year.  Thus far, the action plan has worked well, as FarmHouse ATZ has remained COVID-free while permitting our active members to enjoy each other’s brotherhood and conduct the necessary business of the chapter.

Before the school year started, the FarmHouse ATZ Chapter leadership and the Alumni Association Board collaborated on a set of living arrangements, beginning with the move-in process and extending to all aspects of life at the chapter house.  The protocols resulting from those discussions were documented in an addendum to the leasing agreements signed by all active members living in the house.  Some notable aspects of the protocols include:

  • The active members agreed in all instances to maintain social distancing and masks in common spaces and to follow other mandates imposed by the university, the state of Ohio and the CDC.
  • To the extent possible, the active chapter is holding its chapter meetings virtually, and all recruiting and social events are required to follow all university, state and CDC guidelines.
  • All men have been assigned rooms on the second and third floors of the house, as the rooms on the first floor have been reserved as quarantine rooms in the event that anyone contracts COVID-19. Testing and quarantine procedures are included in the protocols.
  • Meals continue to be provided by the FMA firm and are being served individually. No more than 12 people may use the dining room at any time.
The Alumni Association Board appreciates the ongoing cooperation of the active chapter in operating the chapter and the house under these living arrangements, as we work together to continue building the legacy of FarmHouse ATZ in this challenging time.