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Foundation Council Update

As the Chair of the Foundation Council I want to take a minute to share some background on what we do. The ten Foundation Council trustees assist the Alumni Association in making and executing its responsibilities. For example, we play a key role in planning the financing of Alumni Association decisions, and in monitoring their implementation. Additionally, we work within our communities and areas of professional responsibility to promote goodwill and support for the Chapter.  As the needs of the Chapter change, we assist the Board in responding effectively. While currently we aren’t involved in any large initiatives, we are very focused on scholarship opportunities and the Annual Scholarship Dinner.  We’re also working hard to coordinate our work more closely with the Alumni Association and to improve our communication efforts to the Alumni.

Many of you are aware of the Scholarship Banquet that is held every year in January at The Blackwell on campus. Planning is already underway for this wonderful evening on January 30, 2021.  The highlight of the event will be bestowing the various scholarships which are chosen by the Scholarship Committee governed under the Foundation Council. We have been very fortunate in having the honor of awarding nearly $27,000 to Actives, and Farmhouse International has awarded an additional $4800 through National Farmhouse Scholarships.  In addition, we’ve been privileged to have a few individuals who have established and funded independent scholarships for the Actives. (Forgive the “commercial message”, but I want to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to consider contributing to an existing scholarship, or creating a scholarship in the name of you or your family.  It’s a great way to leave a legacy and assist a young man in advancing his life.)


I’d also like to recognize Patrick Nolan for the work he has done as Chair of the Foundation Council over the last five years. He’s done a great job keeping us moving forward and organized. Although Patrick is stepping aside from the Chairmanship, he’ll still be serving and active. 

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about Brother Larry Hageman, a member of our own local OSU Foundation Council being selected as a Master Builder for the 2020 Conclave. This is a significant accomplishment, and very well deserved.  Please be sure to thank Larry for his unwavering commitment to Farmhouse.  We have all benefitted greatly from his dedication and he’s been an inspiration to many.


Jack Stickle, Chair

Council Members:

Jack Stickle, Chair

Larry Hageman, Scholarship Banquet

Patrick Nolan, Member

Patrick Ross, Member

Devon Alexander, Member

Jim Leonard, Member

David Glass, Communications

Howard Warner, Member

Robert Beekman, Scholarship Selection

Doug Tenney, Member