Progress shall mark
our every step.
Builder of Men

What is FarmHouse?

FarmHouse is a fraternity dedicated to the building of men. It's a college home in which a man can be: creative, share responsibilities, make lasting friendships, express his inner self in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, learn lessons in living in a community of which he is an integral part, be accepted as a participant, learn the essence of brotherhood, and learn the caring of one man - and of a community of men - for the individual, the brother, for the community, and for the mutual welfare.

FarmHouse is found on college campuses throughout the United States and into Canada, mostly at Land-Grant colleges and universities. It ranges from coast to coast - North Carolina in the East, Washington and Idaho in the West, Mississippi and Texas in the South, and Minnesota and Alberta in the North. Growth has been slow and careful. FarmHouse is dedicated more to the propagation of quality than of numbers.

This home, this brotherhood of students, is the center of campus activities for hundreds of men in agriculture and related sciences, for men who are reared on the farm and those who have an interest and/or respect for rural life.

This FarmHouse home, this gathering place of alumni - of this chapter and other chapters - is the tie between the past, the present, and the future, of men who have an abiding interest in FarmHouse ideals and in the welfare of men of like mind and heart.

FarmHouse is dedicated to promoting the moral and intellectual welfare of its members, to creating an atmosphere of learning which all will inspire men in their scholarly endeavors, to continuing growth through new avenues of learning when school days are past.

FarmHouse encourages social growth and an awareness and practice of the conduct of a gentleman that will become so much a part of the man that he is no longer conscious of effort in achieving social amenities.

FarmHouse stresses faith in God and urges each man to worship in the tradition of his own Church and in accordance with his own beliefs with tolerance for his brothers.

FarmHouse stresses loyalty among its members to: their country, their community, their university, their fraternity, their families, and each other.

FarmHouse strives for: excellence in scholarship (knowing that scholarship is the key which will open many doors later in life), the doors of the mind as doors to fuller appreciation of life, to answers to ethical and practical questions, and to success in industry, business, and agriculture.

And so FarmHouse strives for scholarship. But it strives in larger measure for the well-rounded personality, the development of all facets of a human being important to the kind of person he will become.

FarmHouse sows the seed today which will, with time and nurture, produce the leaders of tomorrow's world: the farmers, the research workers, the teachers, the statesmen, the business executives, and the professional men of the future whose task it will be to: solve the problems of increasing food production, feeding the exploding world population, promote peace among nations, and learning and teaching the essentials for humane existence in a world of technology and science.

FarmHouse Fraternity is what it is by reason of the faithful, loyal and enthusiastic efforts of its members. Whatever greatness it may boast, whatever influence it wields, whatever reputation it may have, all of these and each of these is to be credited to the members of the fraternity.

The goal of a member should be not only to uphold the ideals and reputation he has inherited, but to improve and expand them, for to stand still, to maintain status quo is to take a step backwards.

FarmHouse charges each member to search to his very depths to know, "If every member were just like me, what kind of fraternity would FarmHouse be?"