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Help Inform Future Alumni Communications

Over the past couple of months several individuals have been evaluating the best way to provide timely and relevant information to The Ohio State University FarmHouse Alumni Network. We realize there are lots of opportunities to engage our alumni in different ways but overall our goal is to establish a regular communication cadence through several avenues outlined below. Note that we are still working through evaluating additional communication avenues and the best timing to distribute content.

  • Tidings Blog/News Feed
    • We will use the “News” tab on osufh.org as a blog to provide updates whenever necessary. This avenue will be the main source/hub for alumni communications.
  • Email Digest
    • An email will be sent to all active alumni who have a valid email address with a summary of top news and articles featured on the news feed
  • Social Media
    • Some of the articles we post on the news feed may also be featured on our Facebook page to further engage alumni and supports of our organization.

Help inform the Future

In order to further enhance our alumni communications moving forward, we want to hear from you! Please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey below. Your feedback will help inform future communications and topics.