We are builders of men.
Our central attributes are

Our House, Your Home

Our chapter house located at 153 East Fourteenth Avenue in Columbus, Ohio is home to our brothers. Sophomore members are welcome to move in as our house is a certified STEP student housing option.


Our aim is to amplify the cultural and intellectual atmosphere & environment of OSU by providing surroundings conducive to study, by offering counseling to students, by helping a man to plan his time, by encouraging each man to apply himself to his primary goal with diligence.


A fraternity has profound influence upon the health of faith and spirit. That influence should be responsible influence. It should never be left to chance. Health of spirit should be attended to at least as zealously as health of mind and of body.

Social & Moral

Respect for ourselves and each other demands that we behave with intelligence and with regard for each other, to the best of our abilities, in a controlled and considerate demeanor.


A major lesson that every university man must learn is how to plan his time so that he is able to study, to rest, and to pursue recreational interests in proper relation to his responsibilities to the university, his chosen field, and his family.

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